Month: July 2012

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Medisoft Supports All Aspects of Your Practice

Medisoft, makers of one of the most highly regarded suites of medical billing software on the market today, provide a lot more than medical billing software. The company’s practice management software, electronic health records software and billing software combine to provide 360 coverage for all of the needs of your medical or health-related practice. Whatever your practice needs are, Medisoft has you covered.
Medisoft EMR
Medisoft EMR and Medisoft Clinical are comprehensive electronic patient records solutions for small to medium-sized practices. Medisoft Clinical v.17 provides all the functionality you need to post, manage and maintain patient records, and meets the federal government’s Meaningful Use requirements as a EHR for both Medicare and Medicaid providers. It integrates patient records with appropriate diagnostic codes and third party billing codes. Easy to install and maintain, it’s an easy way to bring your paper office into the electronic age.
Medisoft Services for Your Practice
From appointment setting to collections, Medisoft helps you track all interactions with patients in one database so that you can easily pull up any information you need to run your practice properly. Your Medisoft installation provides the framework on which your practice depends to run smoothly. Medisoft integration saves time for your office staff and reduces your need for outsourcing tasks such as billing and collections.
The Medisoft interface makes it easy for providers to enter patient notes in the way that’s most comfortable for each using Bright Note technology. Once the note is entered, the software disseminates it to every relevant field in the patient’s chart. Because all of the information originates from a central database, there’s far less chance of an error being introduced during transcription of charts and information from charts to billing.
In addition, Medisoft is regularly updated with the latest codes and standards so that your billing statements always go out on the right forms with the right codes. The reduction of errors means that your claims are more likely to be paid quickly by insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid, reducing the amount of work your office staff has to do to follow up on rejected and amended claims.
Your practice can also take advantage of patient reminder software by Medisoft. Since it also integrates with your Medisoft installment, your patients will get timely reminders of upcoming appointments, reducing the amount of income you lose to unfilled blocks of patient time.
Overall, Medisoft provides everything you need to run your practice smoothly and efficiently – except, of course, your staff.