Sunrise Services’ Dedication to Service

Sunrise Services is dedicated to achieving outstanding client success. We believe we must deliver to clients EMR, Billing & Scheduling software and technical service which create exceptional value.

Our aim is to differentiate ourselves by becoming more focused on the client experience, rather than simply being focused on the project’s technical & financial aspects. We want our clients to value our input, enjoy working with us, and be very confident that we are meeting all of their service requirements – on time, to agreed quality and on budget.

We believe that open and frequent communication is essential to fulfilling client needs. Communication leads to understanding, and it is through a holistic appreciation of our clients’ Medical Practices that we can deliver the best solutions. Our staff is trained to look ahead to the end of the project and visualize what must be delivered for our clients to achieve their goals.

We are committed to delivering our projects & services on time. We monitor our performance continually to ensure we are meeting your deadlines.

At Sunrise Services we are aware that we can’t provide exceptional service unless we understand our clients’ businesses, and their needs for each specific Medical Practice.

Before we proceed with a project we ensure we clearly understand a client’s desired outcome.

Our Commitment to You…

Our clients are our top priority in all that we do. Our commitment to service ensures this statement is fulfilled. Our highly trained staff takes responsibility for ensuring a high level of client satisfaction through: 

  • Striving for best practice management and exceeding client expectations and needs. 
  • Listening to clients and understanding their needs.
  • Working with our clients in responding to and fulfilling their needs
  • Being professional in all that we do. 
  • Encouraging Medical Practice Automation where desired by the client.
  • Encouraging Medical Practice efficiency and effectiveness in all our operations.
  • Delivering our services in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Regularly monitoring client satisfaction with our services and ensuring all steps are taken to improve satisfaction.


Kelly Meeks

President, Sunrise Services, LLC

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